Saturday, August 16, 2008

Time to evaluate

It's time to look at the pots and patio and see the general effect, and decide what I want to change next year.  I am not happy with the placement of the furniture nor with the pots but it's too late to change much now.  I just added a pot of tibouchina which I hope can be wintered over in the garage with the brugmannsia, the jacaranda, the ginger, the fuchsia and the colocasia.  Getting crowded in there!
So, here are some photos to remind me in January of what it looked like in August.  Note to self:  before you get too nostalgic, remember the gnats and mosquitoes too.  And notice please the containers of insect repellent prominent in every picture!

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. said...

I'm smiling reading all this. There is no such thing as paradise, is there? There's always a gnat or musquito in the ointment.
It looks ever so inviting though, with the artistic chairs and the lovely pots. You can pour the coffee now....