Sunday, March 1, 2009

When Will It End?

I know that other places have had a much worse winter than we have had here in the mid-Atlantic, but I am feeling very hard doneby. It is the first of March, and it is snowing. With more snow to come this afternoon. Enough now! To console myself, I am pulling out some pictures from summers past. The first is a little view from my workroom where I keep my loom and computer; this is the small deck outside the French doors which lead to the patio. The chair is a delightful place to sit and look over the pots of annuals which are crowded around, and to observe the hyacinth and morning glory vines which I train up the house wall.

A walk around the garden yesterday produced a couple of crocuses, lots of snowdrops and aconites, one clump of hellebore niger, and a very few daffodil and tulip snouts. Here is a dahlia from last summer and a colocasia leaf photographed in fall just before it got brought into the garage. The autumn sunlight was coming at a very low angle and making interesting shadows.

And finally, just for sheer exuberance of colour, a hotel courtyard in Mexico ...........


garden girl said...

Hi Rosella, It's a wonderful thing to look back at pictures of the garden from past seasons when snow is covering everything or when it all looks so drab and brown. Sometimes it's hard to remember how it was when it was lush, green, and colorful! Spring will get here once again (eventually!)

Tatyana said...

Rosella, I LOVE the picture of the leaf. When it's enlarged, it looks majestic!