Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Shed, Final Notice

The shed is finished! The garden bed along the side of it hasn't yet been brought into civilization, nor have the flagstones been properly dug in, but the painting is done and the inside is all organized -- tools hung neatly on the walls, pots stacked on (cheap) shelves, a table under the window for potting with supplies in plastic boxes nearby, and no spiders. At least not yet!

The azaleas are in full bloom -- most of the ones in the back garden are white, and I like the effect with the dogwoods and the big doublefile viburnum, but there is one firecracker red one that crept in under cover of darkness and I like its brashness among the bland politeness of the white azaleas and the enormous bleeding heart. The airy blue is phlox stolonifera, fighting it out with the variegated solomon's seal.

And finally, the new stone steps are beginning to fit into the bank. The azalea is a show-off!


Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Rosella, thanks for stopping by! Your new shed and surrounding garden is fantastic. I do love your stone steps, and surrounded by azaleas it looks lovely. I enlarged the photo so I could see the bleeding that just ONE large plant? WOW. It looks like several!

It's spring time in No. VA, that's for sure. (Well, all but the last several days have seemed like spring...what with 95+ degree weather, now 50's, I'm confused!).
It should be in the 60's maybe up to 70's this wkend, so even w/the rain predicted, I think we can get some work done outside! Take care!

Anonymous said...

No spiders yet, LOL. Hi Rosella. Your borders are beau-ti-ful! Your shed looks great--a real foil for a few more borders, perhaps? The stone steps make me jealous. I absolutely love them. I bet you're flying high. You should be proud.

Heather said...

Hi Rosella- your new shed looks fantastic! Planting the outside shouldn't be too hard, the rest of your landscape is amazing. I am so impressed. That garden is what I aspire for mine. Happy planting!

Tatyana said...

Rosella, I like your shed, and I love the boder on the second picture. When did you take it? It can't bloom like that now, in April, can it?! Fantastic!

Rosella said...

Thanks for the comments! Jan, that is indeed one plant. It is very happy, and has seeded itself down the bank to the driveway as well.

Grace, thanks also! Yes -- I am planning a wide border there next to the shed but will have to wait till I get the spring chores done elsewhere. But I am pit composting there now, to get ready! Amazing how fast a crock of coffee grounds and veggie scraps disappears when the worms get to work.

Heather -- thanks for the comments too, but you are just seeing the good parts of the garden! These pictures dont show the Ivy Sea or the dandelion border. And I love your blog -- I am following the chicken adventure with great interest.

Tatyana -- photo was taken yesterday. It is full Virginia spring now--all the azaleas are out in all their clashing colours, and the peonies and irises are fattening their buds too. But lucky you -- you still have tulips!

Maia C said...

I have such fond memories of seeing the azalea in bloom when I visited you several years ago. And the enormous azalea bushes in the National Arboretum!

Congratulations on getting the shed all set up. I need to tackle cleaning out the garage. It's always nice to start the growing season with a semblance of orderliness, even if it only stays that way for about a day and a half.