Monday, March 29, 2010

Snowmageddon, now that it's just a memory.

Thankfully, the snows of February are now les neiges d'antan -- nothing remains but photographs and wincing memories, plus a lot of damage to houses, trees and shrubs. But -- the snowdrops have come and gone, the camellias are blooming, and we are moving on. Somehow though I suspect that most of us who lived through this past winter will have a lot more respect for the weather! So -- a few photographs for my memory book.

The table is set for lunch in the garden:

And, finally, this is how The Dame weathered the storms:


Joan said...

Rosella, you take beautiful pictures! Wow that was a fair bit of snow huh? And I just love The Dame! What a sweetie.

Rosella said...

Joan, thanks for the compliment on my pictures! New camera this winter, just in time for the blizzards. And you're right -- The Dame is a sweetheart!

keewee said...

Rosella, my goodness that was a lot of snow. Thankfully, here on Whidbey Island, we have had an unusually mild winter, and now have an early Spring. I have veggies in the garden already.

Joan said...

Hi Rosella,
Did you send me an email with an address to send your poppy seeds to? Just making sure a clever reader isn't impersonating you.
If you didn't. please do, your name "Flora" is included in the loooong name! And thanks for joining in the fun!

Bonnie said...

Can't help but smile when I see these snow pictures from down south. I have albums full of these pictures from our winters in northern New York State. We had no storms this year! I have no winter pictures. It was a great winter up here. We were more than happy to share winter storms with our neighbors down south.