Monday, October 6, 2008

New Camellia

I just planted C. April Dawn on the west side of the house, on the patio below the porch.   It is the 18-24" size, and cost me $39.99.   Its tag says:

Erect habit, with vigorous growth rate; shades of pink, shell and white variegation (not viral) on formal flowers.  It has a very heavy bud set (well, this one has only two buds for next spring) and blooms over a long period.  The pink and white variegation among the flowers over the whole plant is very unusual.  Developed for exceptional cold hardiness.  looms mid- to late season and is hardy to -10F without protection.

So, let's see how well it does there -- supposed to be the best aspect for camellias.  The others I have are planted between the houses, facing east/north, and April Dawn is on the south side.  It is now almost 8 feet tall, and is once again covered with buds for the spring.  Hope most of them make it through the winter.


Anonymous said...

Me too! I have several camellias in the back yard, but I'd have to out and look at their tags to get the names. Except for one --- I know that one is a Bellingrath camellia, named after the Bellingrath's of Bellingrath Gardens fame. (I just finished my daily entry at and found myself how many words I had going here. I'm a silly girl!)
x's and o's!

Leila said...

I love camellias, but I kill them, alas.

I'm off to google what your April Dawn looks like...