Friday, June 26, 2009


First beans today -- some on the "Jade"bush beans , and also some on the"Trionfo Violetta" pole beans , with lots of tiny ones coming. I pulled out the peas last week, because they had stopped producing much in the heat. The vines are sitting there waiting to be dug in when I get some bare ground.

The "hortaliza" is doing very well -- in addition to what's in the ground, there are several big pots containing mesclun, Thai lettuce, dill, two kinds of eggplant, cucumbers and finger carrots. The eggplants in the pots seem to be doing much better than those in the ground, which I must remember next year when it comes to planting. Also, I think that the sweet peppers did better in pots last year, although they're in-ground this time.

The early days -- picture taken on April 30:

June 22 -- the peas are gone, and beet seeds are planted in their place:


Tatyana said...

Hi Rosella! It's nice to hear from you! I missed your posts. Your garden is a bit ahead of mine. I am still harvesting peas, but my beans are not even blooming yet. Hope to hear from you soon!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could grow a vegetable garden but I have Beagles that are destroyers of anything that grows! Sniff sniff. You'rs looks lovely.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Since you hadn't posted for awhile, we get to read a summer post and hope winter goes by quickly. I started out as a food gardener, but got the flower bug as years went by. You have a lovely garden!