Sunday, July 13, 2008

July 2008

So far this has been a good summer -- not too much heat, not too much humidity, and a lot of rain up till early June. But then, the rains ceased and now we could really use a good soaking. I planted some cockscomb seedlings today, given me by a neighbour, and it was difficult to dig the ground for them. But now the sky is dark, and the forecast is for a chance of thunderstorms tonight.

This is the back deck, which faces the patio shown in the earlier photo. The chair is a new acquisition -- $50 at Home Goods last week. I had been ogling it for months but at $150 I couldn't buy it. It looks nice there and is a good place for looking things over in the evening, provided the mosquitoes aren't too bad.

The planters this year have done well, and I will take pictures of them so as to remember for next year what has done well. The Gartenmeister Bonstedt fuchsia is doing well, although I haven't seen a single hummingbird at it yet this year. The white ginger in the foreground is vexing because it won't begin to bloom until late September, and last year its blooms withered because I had to bring it inside before they were ready to open. Not sure what to do to hurry it up.  

P.S.  -- it's raining!  First rain in 29 days!


EAL said...

Wow, looks like you have a great garden, Rosella. Lots of hardscaping too, like me. It looks like a beautiful place to relax with friends.

This is my own blog (besides Garden Rant).

Rosella said...

Just went to visit you, Elizabeth -- I suspect we have many similar feelings about gardens, e.g., garden gnomes, stone little girls, etc. Thanks for your nice comments about my garden -- I have a love/hate relationship with it, and I am just entering the July Hate period.

I only recently discovered Garden Rant, and I love it. Now too I am ready to voyage abroad and read more blogs. Haven't told my husband yet that I too am a Blogger!

Anonymous said...

I think that your white ginger would like a trip to Alabama, and that it would bloom whenever you asked it to, if you would just take it on a little adventure. ;-)